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Riboflavin: Richest Foods for Vegetarians (per 100g)

Riboflavin acts in fats, proteins and carbohydrates metabolism.
Riboflavin stimulates growth and protects vision.
Riboflavin enhances Iron absorption.
Riboflavin enhances Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid use.
Riboflavin is also known as Vitamin B2.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Riboflavin Rich Foods for Vegetarians
334%3.7mgspirulina (100g)
253%2.8mgdried dulse (100g)
245%2.7mgkellogg's corn flakes (100g)
205%2.3mgparsley, freeze-dried (100g)
158%1.7mgspices, paprika (100g)
141%1.6mgskimmed milk (dry) (100g)
136%1.5mgchives, freeze-dried (100g)
129%1.4mgspices, spearmint, dried (100g)
122%1.3mgspices, tarragon, dried (100g)
116%1.3mgmaple syrups (100g)
115%1.3mgdried shiitake (100g)
112%1.2mgspices, parsley, dried (100g)
110%1.2mgred hot chili pepper (100g)
110%1.2mgdry whole milk (100g)
108%1.2mghard goat cheese (100g)
98%1.1mgwhole-wheat pancake dry mix (100g)
92%1mgdried almond (100g)
84%0.92mgspices, pepper, red or cyenne (100g)
78%0.86mgroasted almond (100g)
77%0.84mgcheese, feta (100g)
72%0.79mgchili powder (100g)
72%0.79mgquail egg (100g)
62%0.68mgspices, chervil, dried (100g)
61%0.68mggoat cheese (100g)
58%0.64mgcorn chips (100g)
53%0.59mgcheese, roquefort (blue) (100g)
52%0.58mgwheat bran (100g)
52%0.57mgdried litchi (100g)
51%0.57mghot chocolate (powder) (100g)
51%0.56mgblanched almond (100g)
51%0.56mgcandies, bars, nestle crunch (100g)
48%0.53mgspices, oregano, ground (100g)
47%0.52mgcheese, brie (100g)
47%0.51mgegg (fried) (100g)
46%0.51mgpancake (100g)
45%0.5mgegg (100g)
44%0.49mgcheese, camembert (100g)
44%0.49mgcheese, parmesan, grated (100g)
43%0.47mgspices, thyme, fresh (100g)
43%0.47mgcake wheat flour (100g)
43%0.47mgegg (boiled) (100g)
42%0.47mgirishmoss (100g)
42%0.46mgsweets, cocoa, powder, unsweetened, dutch process (100g)
41%0.45mgdulse (100g)
40%0.44mglambsquarters (100g)
39%0.43mgscrambled egg (100g)
39%0.43mgspices, rosemary, dried (100g)
39%0.43mggrains, buckwheat (100g)
38%0.42mgspices, bay leaf (100g)
38%0.42mgcroutons, seasoned (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Riboflavin Rich Foods for Vegetarians
84%0.92mgsheep milk (250ml)
74%0.81mgkellogg's corn flakes (30g)
58%0.64mgwhole-wheat pancake dry mix (100ml poured)
50%0.55mgspirulina (15g)
50%0.55mgegg and cheese sandwich (140g)
47%0.52mgmaple syrups (30ml)
47%0.52mgsoybeans (250ml)
45%0.49mgtomato soup (250ml)
44%0.48mghot chocolate (homemade) (250ml)
43%0.48mgpartly skimmed milk (250ml)
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